Fascinating Rise free software downloads

Download the software for writing, reading, hearing and viewing Fascinating Rise.

Pars Negar free font
The writings in the Spirits page of this website require the Pars Negar font for proper viewing. You can download this free font from the website of International Systems Consultancy, the producer of this 21st century software. ISC also offers a free fully functional 30 day trial version of this Parsi text editor that exports pages directly into html-code.
The software features other languages besides Parsi: it also writes Arabic, Urdu, Kurdisch and Latin characters. Download >>

Real Player
Some streaming video and sound files on the film page of Fascinating Rise are encoded in Real Media format. To view these, you'll need to have a Real Player installed. This player can be downloaded for free at the Real Media website. Before you download and install the latest version of this software, make shure that your system meets the specific requirements necessary for a smooth operation of this player on your system. Download >>

Windows Media Player
Some of the films and sounds are presented in Windows Media Player. Check your system specifications to see if your computer meets the specific requirements for a smooth operation of this software. It might not be necessary to download the latest version of Windows Media Player to your system. Download >>

Flash Player
In the Spirits page Rumi University presents Flash movies made by our friends. To view these movies a Flash Player is necessary. It is free and can be downloaded from the MacroMedia website. Download >>