Fascinating Rise Films

Fascinating Rise presents a fine collection of films celebrating Moulanaa Jalaaledin Mohamad Molavi Rumi, Khaajeh Shamsedin Mohamad Haafez Shirazi and other great Masters of self development, self uplifting and Self Healing in Parsi original and translations in English and
other languages.

These films present the lovesongs of Molavi and Haafez in an interactive way. Fascinating Rise honors the work of compassionate and intelligent people for fresh air on Earth as well.

To view Fascinating Rise films you'll need to have Real Player installed. Download the free player here. These films are streamed over the Internet. This means that you do not have to download the movies first. Once you have your Real Player installed, just click the link and the player will open. After a few seconds the connection is made, the stream starts and the film will appear in your player. Depending on your Internet connection speed, the streams can reach up to 350 Kbps.
There are three sections on the Fascinating Rise Sky Screen:

     Fascinating Rise     Viva Pahlavi Diba Dynasty     Fresh Air Interactive    

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The films are shown here in a compressed format, and they are available more crisp and clear on CD, VHS or DVD. Contact Fascinating Rise with the request of your choice and have a film send
to you.

Fresh Air Interactive is an independent organization.

Your support in any form, musical, literal or financial will be appreciated through our street address that looks like a PO Box address, but is in reality the street address of the SkyVoice Studio. The abbreviation KNSM is for Koninklijke Nederlandse Stoomboot Maatschappij,
the Royal Dutch Steamship Society, an international shipping line that operated from this area from the late 19th century till some 20 years ago. We received the 'Winds of Change' by the kindness of her Majesty Farah Pahlavi Diba, and the voice of Forugh Farokhzad through the kindness of our dear friend Siavash Ghomayshi.

Here is a Paypal connection for online supporters .