Minuvash Solar City Dream

Fresh Air Interactive is dedicated to a clean and sustainable environment. Here we present a collection of links related to Solar Energy and other ways of renewable living.

We believe that Fresh Air is the most important, especially now that the world gradually discovers the effects of carbon driven society formats, and all the consequences -both politically and environmentally- of using oil as the fuel for the world economy.

This list is not complete and we appreciate your suggestions. Mail us your links about solar cars, boats, planes, pumps, jackets, companies, panels and ...

Solar Tower

The Australian Solar Tower Concept by Enviromission.


The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture.

Kaveh Solar

Competence in Ice, Sport and Solar Systems.

Solar Sailor

A giant step forward thanks to Dr. Robert Dane from Australia.

Ecological Business Directory

The web directory for all your ecological needs.

Living Lakes

The international Network for the conservation and protection of natural resources, chiefly the drinking water reservoirs of the earth.

UNSW Model Solar Boat Challenge for Primary Schools

The University of New South Wales (AUS) Model Solar Boat Challenge is the New South Wales State championship

Model Solar Powered Boats

Educational resources, workshops and courses in sustainable development, energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.


Solar boat in Berlin, Germany

Berlin's biggest solar charter ship.

Solar Boat sails across the Pacific

Mermaid was built with recycled aluminum: melted-down beer cans - 22,000 of them.

Dr. Norman L. Asper

Scientist from New Jersey with a special interest in Solar boats.

Picsearch solar car

Various pictures of solar cars


Advanced transportation technologies and clean air, lessen our dependence on foreign oil, reduce global warming, and create jobs.

ESA Portal

The European Space Agency contributed considerably to the success of the Nuna, the solar car developed by students from the Technical University of Delft and the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

FH Bochum SolarCar, Aktuelles

Solar car activities at the Fach Hochschule Bochum, Germany


New Scientist

An article on Power Dressing, Silicon sandwich ...

The Body Electric

Imagine a fleshy personal area network, or PAN and what you can do with it ... From the innovation department of IBM.


Solar Panels, why are they a great choice?

Dankoff Solar Pumps

Solar pumps by Dankoff Solar, a specialist in the field.

Homesteading Today

Solar-powered water system?

Sierra Solar

California's Sierra Solar Systems: over 32 years active in renewables.

Shell Renewables

The future of Energy according to Shell.


FioSolar, a solar company from Hungary.

Solar Energy

Renewable energy education for a sustainable future.

Air Therm Solar Technik

Air Therm is a solar company from Germany.

BP Solar

BP has its own photovoltaic department that is one of the biggest producers of PV panels in the world.

Solar Technologies

Live Oak solar project.

Solar Host

Photovoltaic powered web hosting from Florida, USA

Northern Arizona Wind & Sun

Electricity from the sun since 1979


Solar Living

The Solar Living Institute from California, USA, offers workshops on solar living.


SolarDyne, for clean energy equipment and energy efficient appliances, from Portland, Oregon, USA.


A factory automation Company from Canada, that is also into photovoltaics.

Solar power for Africa

Solar for the Powerless, electrifying rural Africa with the Sun.

Eco Energies

Harnessing the power of Nature