Dear Dear Pioneer Friend Hi,

Unless the eye had sunlike parts (1810)

Unless the eye had sunlike parts
It could not see the sun and sight us;
Unless the God's own power were in our hearts
How could what is divine delight us

Goethe & John Whaley, War nicht das Auge sonnenhaft

The Healing Voice University on the Internet has been online since 1997. In the past years our networking activities brought us into contact with many inspiring friends and pioneers from all walks of life, from all over the world. Inspiring and pioneering minds that bring joy and good feeling to the ones with a genuine interest. In their chosen field, be it one of the arts or the new technologies, they all have made a great contribution to enriching our life experience.

On this page we celebrate friendship and present our friends that have been supporting us so far with their suggestions, comments, funding, feedback and active support in all kinds of ways.

So whether you like to sponsor us with your financial power or you are interested in Reading & Writing the Original Rumi~yo~Shirazi with Friends of the Huuu, contact us and show us your kindness.

Queen Farah Pahlavi and King Reza Pahlavi
Queen Farah Pahlavi, a Fine Mother, a Kind Sister, a Wise Queen. The architect of free education in Iran for girls and boys alike. The founder of 'the Support for Mothers and Babies' non-profit organization. With the hope to upgrade those centers with the waterpool for birth and welcome the new generation in the pure crystal clear water.

RB Aavaanesian


Siavash Ghomayshi Hooo Human Voice
Voice in English is written by Sufi Inayat Khan and recorded with Digital camera in the Pingpong room of Markus Weissenboeck in september 2002 at Auwerk Camping in Austria, to share and remind people who are born with Voice, of the importance of the nature of the Voice that is first one of our breathing tools and then is being used for communication too. So reading positive, Singing positive develops the Voice And Speaking with a developed Voice is known and recognized as Life giving. Recording was made in one take and then the Sound of the Waves of Water was added and then the Recording of 3 Love Songs by Rumi from 1996 that also was made in one take at the AMP in Amsterdam by a handy recorder (Sony TCM). To have this film place your request today and it shall come to you at once. A beautiful and honest way of Siavash Ghomayshi who showed me this way. The way to develop a Strong and compassionate heart as well as alternative style of thinking at this time.

Googoosh Haa Human Heart
First time I met Googoosh in person was at the Garden Party of the Tehran Water and Power. She, the Queen of the Heart, drew a Rose, a Butterfly and a Candlelight as her autograph on my request. Ten years I studied her magnificent works and we became sisters in the movie "Hamsafar". Naturally I always like to see her again. With the hope for the time to work together closer than this, I invite all our friends to visit her online by clicking here.

Reza Ghassemi A great Audio Visual writer, director, producer, actor and friend.

Yaar and Mahyaar visit Nader Khalili in the twenty first century and start slicing the big domes that were being abused to make people dumb fowlowers of nonsense, giving them to the people of the world to learn deeper about human life on Earth. People put the slices in Museums of Art, Earth, Architecture and Ceramic audible literature. Then they learn how to make their home cosy and warm, practical and fly with solar norm. Upgrading the libraries with the Space for Human Voice! Libraries where girls and boys grow together in harmony. The Amsterdam Public Library already has a Piano room and a recording room where girls and boys can benefit by hearing and listening to one another's heart beat while growing up. Nothing is worse than stone hearted claimers, as we all can see for 25 bloody years in Iran. Where people became so blind to their environment that they could not even sign and act to the Kyoto Agreement, supported by many people and governments in 1999. A touch of available Solar Information



Gochermann, Meadows, Skycat, Skycell and 21st Century

Abbaas Na'lbandian
A genius playwright, director, producer, voice, actor and friend.

Solmaz Vakilpour

Milad of Sole's songs
Sole Solmaz. This inspiring poet is a great friend: Siavash Ghomayshi recorded Milad of Sole's songs on his 'Neghab' CD, published in 2002. He granted Sole's great friendship to us. We went to visit her in Germany and made a nice film of our meeting, along the borders of the river Rhine. We also shared the intresting work of filming this special event with JVC Digital camera and recorded The Voice of Water Dance from Sohraab Sepehri's Hasht Ketaab ( 8 Books) as well as Faaseleh and Khasteh shodam written by Yaghmaa Golroui, other songs of Siavash Ghomayshi's Neghaab CD.


Dr. Pari Esfandiari: the United Iranian Women on the Internet, To empower Iranian Woman, To bring hope, knowledge and Friendship to millions of women on Earth, To light up the Business ethic, to make a better world for Children and grown ups, IranDokht's Founder, Dr. Pari Esfandiari is a brave, compassionate and intelligent Lady who knows about Time, Space and Education, A Pioneer with great ideas like: we should be able to unite, Women with Men with the light of Education, to rebuild our homeland. IranDokht Women have a monthly meeting, in which members present new ideas, arrange the time for development and act. Welcome to this Fascinating Network of Love, Respect, Harmony and Democracy. With wishing Dr. Pari Esfandiari and all her friends best of health and success, We are glad and honored being heared by such a wonderfull, rare, incomparable woman.

Nader Khalili

An inspiring person: the writer/architect and founder of the California Institute of Earth, Art and Architecture. We met Nader Khalili in 2001 in California. We shared a great time in his Rumi Room, with his translations and the original Parsi ghazaliat of Shams simultaneously in the Sunrise Room in Hesperia, with Nader and Iliana. This was a very special moment for all of us... For more reading and translations of Divan~A~Shams visit Fountain of fire.

Shahriar Shahriari

Producer of a fine collection of translations of Rumi, Hafez and others. We first discovered Shahriar through and Rumionfire, two great websites with a lot of information on Rumi Molavi and Hafez~a~Shiraz.


Kiawasch SahebNassagh

A kind friend from Graz, Austria. Composer, setar and piano player with many wonderful melodies online. Visit Kiawasch online at his MP3 website. One of the friends we like to jam with ...

Katy Kianush

Please visit and enjoy the wonderful artwork of Katy Kianush, a friend from England: a comprehensive and varied collection of Original Paintings, Creative Literature, Greeting Card designs, and an insight into Persian Culture.

Siyavash Avesta

Please discover Siyavash Avesta: writer, researcher and founder of Shahre Farang Publishing and Broadcasting in Paris. As well as his own writings, on this website you will find An Enduring Love,a book by Empress Farah Pahlavi in Parsi, and the Jalali calender 7026 that can be requested, and a lot more . . .

Omidyar net

Pierre and Pam Omidyar are Real Intelligent and Compassionate Pioneers of our time. Welcoming you to their new Network. Please visit them and also join that is the organization that Pierre and Pam are supporting as well as Ebay and Paypal. The national security of all countries works best with steady upgrades and one of the rights for American Citizens according to the law is the possible citizen's arrest of people who pretend to be Persians but don't behave as one.

Maryam Seyhoun

Maryam Seyhoun in Los Angeles is inviting great artists to make Fasinating Rise in Gallery Seyhoun. We hope to arrange Live Broadcast from Seyhoun Gallery over the Internet, Stratospheric high speed communication stations of 21st Century. Satellites are too expensive and not as efficient as these Fireproof Helium Ballons. To Fly home Iran please consider Robert D. Hunt's Fuelless Airship Caravans

Flying Solar Coconut

To read more inspiring letters from the Healing Voice University, you may visit Flying Solar Coconut. This page gives you an abundance of Inspirational writing. Since most of these letters were written with Pars Negar software, you will need to install the Pars Negar webfont.

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