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The music of the universe is the background of the small picture which we call music.
Our sense of music, our attraction to music, shows that there is music in the depth of our being. Music is behind the working of the whole universe. Music is not only life's greatest object, but it is life itself.

Hafiz, the great and wonderful Sufi poet of Persia, says, 'Many say that life entered the human body by the help of music, but the truth is that life itself is music.' What made him say this? He referred to a legend which exists in the East and which tells how God made a statue of clay in His own image, and asked the soul to enter into it; but the soul refused to be imprisoned, for its nature is to fly about freely and not to be limited and bound to any sort of capacity.

The soul did not wish in the least to enter this prison. Then God asked the angels to play their music, and as the angels played the soul was moved to ecstacy, and through that ecstacy, in order to make the music more clear to itself, it entered this body. And it is told that Hafiz said, 'People say that the soul, on hearing that song, entered the body; but in reality the soul itself was the song!'

From: "Music" by Sufi Inayat Khan, pg 8, Sufi Publishing Co, Surrey England 1977

The Healing Sound Harmony

Minuvash and Neek Seresht have produced various musical CD's with their unique sounds and songs. These CD's are available on CD Baby:

Minuvash: Royal Iran

Minuvash: Rumi Love Songs

You may also visit the CD/DVD section of this website to purchase other recorded material.

Viva Pahlavi Diba Dynasty is a dedication to the Pahlavi Diba Dynasty. A Dynasty that brought Justice, Security and Business Ethic to Iran. After 1400 years of Arab invasion in the name of God the most Compassionate Mercifull. The Arabs who were putting Baby girls live in the grave and came to them the book of information in their language to read, to think and change their behaviour. But look at them now, they want to export their savage way to the rest of the world. Will the Arabs ever understand Development and progress is the outcome of Man and Woman Cooperation? Would the solution for these distorted Arabic minds be: Water retreat, clean food, Aroma therapy, Music therapy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Microbiotic and Farming combination to prevent them infecting the new generations. You better believe curing these historical Mental cases is as important as curing Cancer, SARS and Aids patients if not more important. For they transmit the devastating diseases of Savagism through a hand shake and that is how they are afraid of Women. For Women are against savagery by their nature. To view the lyrics of this song, click here.

Siavash Ghomayshi's Neghab Fascinating Rise's Tongue Tango Shahram Nazeri
The Voice Incomparable Eman
Fascinating Rise's Tongue Tango Fascinating Rise's Tongue Tango Rumi Air Shirazi Water
Tongue Tango Rumi Love Light Rumi Air Shirazi Water


Internet Radio Stations

Station Siavash Ghomayshi
Open up your heart and fly with Siavash Ghomayshi's new album "Bi sarzamintar az baad", a masterpiece that takes you above the sky. A brilliant work of Fresh Air of Freedom for Iran and Persian people of the world. A great present for music lovers of the Globe. View the appearance of Siavash Ghomayshi speaking about "AsalBaanou" and Smile. Click here to view "Ageh Toe bery z pisham" and click here to hear Siavash and Minuvash on the telephone speaking about Parabounce. The greatest Sport and rescue device of the present time. Click here to hear Siavash Ghomayshi and Behzaad. To read his interview with BBC click here ...

Station Hooo
The Art of Self Healing by Audible Breathing. Rumi~yo~Shirazi are two great friends who have been inspiring compassionate intelligent individuals to discover the Power of Self Healing. The Rumi~yo~Shirazi Friendship is Universal & so are they. The work of Rumi~yo~Shirazi is in Parsi, which is the most developed language, meaningwise as well as soundwise. We hope that You too start developing your Breathing Power with Your Voice & Handwriting while listening to the Inspirational Radio Station Hooo.

Radio Station Rumi~yo~Shirazi
The Art of Self Uplifting and Voice Development. A nice blend of Fascinating Rise and Googoosh songs. The art of Self Healing starts with deep breathing. Open the station and start singing, reading along ...

Fascinating Rise, in close coöperation with Fresh Air Interactive, presents Radio Station Rumi~yo~Shirazi.

Station Minuvash Solar Film Festival Station Fahimeh Amouzandeh where you will find a great collection of music, historical material and inspirational words from great people in these volatile times. We thought it proper to present you an inspiring musical flight with the sounds of hope and freedom ... The Solar Queen of Iran, calling home to hear her father, on the phone with her solar friend at home. Write for all your enquiries to Minuvash, Solar Queen of Iran.