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Time travellers of all nations, welcome to Fascinating Rise

You've entered the Garden of Inspirational Adventures ...
Here you can discover audible breathing, music, streaming video, literature, and .....

Caravans cast Iran by Siavash Ghomayshi Iraj Janati~ye~Ataaee Dr. Tafvazoli
The video's available on this website can be viewed with Real Player. For a free download of this player visit www.real.com


Rise up and dance with the original Fascinating Rise films in the Film section. Please remember to have your notebook close at hand and make notation of your Inspiration and then forward it to Fascinating Rise. These high quality streaming videos of rare films and performances are presented to you by the Fresh Air Interactive. These films are available on CD, VHS and DVD.


Discover the sounds of Fascinating Rise celebrating the love songs of Rumi and Hafez. Tune in to the fine Internet radio stations broadcasting the positive vibration.

Online Video

Films by Fascinating Rise are now also available at video.google.com. Keep visiting this site while we upload new musical and inspirational films on Iran and the movement to restore justice and security.


Fascinating Rise can be heard on your mobile telephone.Visit the new Fascinating Rise ringtone website where you can listen to our unique ringtones. By downloading a ringtone to your mobile device, you support the Rumi University and in return you'll receive a ringtone that motivates you to fulfill a sound journey.

Live Performance

Fascinating Rise presents the Lovesongs of the great Persian Writers of ancient times and today on CD, DVD, Video and the Web, and live on any appropriate location.

At your special request, Fascinating Rise will appear at your fresh baked ceramic room ... So, when you have a special occasion for a special celebration, and you would like Fascinating Rise to uplift your special event, contact us here.

Flash Movies

Fascinating Rise presents songs by Siavash Ghomayshi in Flash-format. These Flash movies were produced for you by friends from all over and presented at www.naghmeh.com. Fortunately we saved these wonderful songs of Siavash and gave it a proper place in the Spirits page of the Rumi University.
New! Siavash Ghomayshi streaming video on line. Click here to view in Windows Media.

Nonflammable Flying Caravan

In the Spirits page are the letters and ideas to cultivate Iran, as well as cleaning the air. Read about 21st century technologies, the rare rhythms of the heart that make you take a giant leap into the sky ...

Pars Negar free font download for Parsi reading.

About Fascinating Rise

Fascinating Rise aims at inspiring you to develop your reading and writing abilities and your breathing power as your tool for a healthy life. Furthermore we like to present the 21st century developments in the scientific areas that are of interest to us all: Lighter than Air, sustainable architecture, holograms, solar technology, new devices etc. The studying never ends....
This is presented as your audio-visual library, ancient and modern in harmony, ever growing with new information as we continue this journey called life.

"Voice is the Sound of Breath manifested outwardly"

Quote by Sufi Inayat Khan in his book 'Music'

Here at the Healing Voice University we have a firm believe that once human starts to develop his breath by singing and reading with his voice, he or she starts to develop the breath. And we all know that without food we can hold out for about a month, no water will make us last 7 days at most, but what if we run out of breath? A matter of minutes, if not seconds!
Reason enough to start building our breath today.

In 1996 we started our cooperation with audio-recording and presenting the great works of the Masters of Self Healing like Rumi and Hafez~a~Shirazi, and then publish them on the Internet. The Fresh Air Flight website was the result, and this website developed into the home online that you are presently visiting.

Fascinating Rise is a work of Love. To the friends that have shown in reality that they see what we see, and like to support us, we offer you the possibility to contribute here. We thank you for your kind Heart!

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