Welcome to the uplifting Spirits !

Sky Yacht is a dream come true project. About seven months ago I invited Siavash to publish his audio visual book and gave him the Friendship Skyship on a CD plus a green Pen and a fresh rose. He surprised me with Neghab and started www.Naghmeh.com that has been growing so beautifully with his Love and Care. Now is the time to get our hands together and design and build the SkyScreen. Please write to Rumi University for details.

These Flash movies were presented to you by www.naghmeh.com on their inspiring website with many more nice musical Flash films by Iranian artists blossoming like spring within these last months. Gladly enough we were able to save some of the Siavash songs so we can show them to you now.

The friends that made these dedications to Siavash Ghomayshi all have a special way of hearing the Songs which makes this a one of a kind collection, what the world needed and still does. We would like to thank Mr. Siavash Ghomayshi and all his friends for such a remarkable work in such short time and wish them the best of Health, Happiness and Succes.

The following Flash movies may take a moment to download, depending on your connection. They can only be viewed with the Flash Player. This player is available for free. Download the most updated version here

Siavash Ghomayshi on the Sky screen

Baroon Baroon B Baash
Bagh Besazam Dudeli
Gere Ghorbat GPoneh
Hawaye Khane Hedieh Hobab
Jazireh Khabe Baaroon Khasteh Shodam
Khasteh Shodam B Milad A Milad H
Neghaab Sakoo Taak
Tanetoe Zemestaan

After enjoying the Sky Screen, Rumi Air Shirazi Water invites you to develop your breathing by reading with your voice, information of your choice! These fascinating writings were written with Pars Negar software and require a font download.

The letters are inspired by the Letters of Rumi (Fiheh maa Fiheh), as well as by Divan~a~Kabir and Mathnawi naturally from the water of Ruknabaad in Shiraz that nourished masters like Hafez~a~Shirazi and Sa'adi~a~Shirazi. While the destiny of Hafez was by the pure water of Ruknabaad all through his amazing and fascinating journey, Sa'adi traveled the earth for 70 years and then presented Golestan and Bustan~a~Sa'adi.

The stone carvings in Parsi alphabet that you can observe at the entrance to the United Nations buildings in New York and Paris is the fruit of Sa'adi's intelligent mind and compassionate heart when he wrote that: ... all of humanity is sharing the same gem of kindness. Perfection of respect pronounces kindness.

Sa'adi visited the earth in the 14th century and at a very special moment of his journey he received a letter from a friend who was requesting him for soulfood. Ghazal~a~Harnafas~Aawaz~a~Eshgh mirasad az chap~o~rust... by Molavi arrived to Shiraz at that time. It seems that this ghazal appeared to Sa'adi as the Fresh Rose of Shiraz. And Sa'adi wrote this ghazal replying to that friend, and the friend felt so good that he could get up and show his compassionate heart too. More about this story will come to this website through the time...

For proper reading you'll need to have the Pars Negar Persian Font installed. How to do that? Find out here!

Letters in Parsi

Hafez A tribute to Nader Khalili
Fresh Garden Ardalan Sarfaraz
Mr. Ban Ki Moon Iran Liberty
7 Steps Oil is Blood
Hamkaraan Power to save
HamDelaan HamRahaan
Shahbanou Yasamin Pahlavi A Suggestion
Pahlavi Constitution Pahlavi Dynasty
Global Balance Ou
Zartusht Farawahar HamNavard
Bulbul Solar Flight
Parabounce 1 Parabounce 2
Ebi Voice Skycat Family
Winds of Change Life on Earth
Golpa Golden Voice Your Rights
Hedye Minuvash Balloon Irani
Ansari book Children and Law
Songs of distant Earth Dear Lucky Iran
Dr. Firouz Naderi Red Sound
Iran Class 79  Video KnowRooz rasid Sabz~o~Shaadaab  Minuvash Solar Video
Siavash Ferdoesea    MS Word Ferdoesea Lorestan
Happy KnowRooz    MS Word Save Water to save Pasargod
Iran Festivals Naader Shah the Great
Balloons Love and Cherish
Royal Iran Pahlavi King Reza Pahlavi Diba  (Get PDF Reader)
Pahlavi Iran Pahlavihaa
Flying Bike Solar Ships
Dear Pioneer Elmo Iran Pars
Happy Birthday Plan 2005
Shaad Baash Victoria Solar
Viva Pahlavi live Happy MeHregaan in Iran
Winds of Change Ahuraa Pirouz
Your Voice Open Haven Festival
Abbaas Na'lbandian Wesaal Queen Farah Pahlavi
A Great Discovery Pioneer Astronauts
United Iranian Sohrab Andisheh
Iman Foroutan Pourya Partovi
House Cooking Aazaad
Solar Ceramic Peesham
Solar Airship Siavash Ghomayshi Biography
Abbaas Na'lbandian Deep Sky House
King Reza Pahlavi Queen Farah Pahlavi
Solar Ship Aryaa
I~Rawaan Baabak Amini
Shiraz Parabounce1
Sky Friends S-Remedy
Milad Rumi Airship   Word
Princess Lisa Mary Presley Friend
Pray and Play Self Education
Sky Ride Sky Ship
Solar Egg Sohrab~o~Forough
Rumi Safar Amir Siavash Amin
Hafez Molavi Kay One
Rakhsh Complementary Flightticket
Dr.M H Farnoush Sharif~O~Nazif
Victory 7 Bo~Ali
Attar Consciousness